February 25, 2023

What is HR Conclave?

HR conclave is an enlightening platform that instills within students practicality and an arena of real-life situations.

A live discussion by HR professionals from various esteemed organizations would provide the students a deeper understanding of the corporate world and it's operations.

An opportunity to learn from the Industry's Bigwigs, an insightful experience towards pragmatism and an improved approach to build the business minds.

This event is available for all the college students from first year to 3rd year, also it is an opportunity for the budding young minds to learn from the industry experts.



Future approach of corporates aligning to the new educational policy

The NEP has introduced experiential learning—hands-on learning, arts- integrated and sports-integrated education, and story-telling-based pedagogy. It extricates India’s learning culture from one-dimensional, rigid and fixed subject comprehension and allows one to explore relations between subjects and find analogies.But how will the New Education Policy help bridge the job readiness gap? Let’s explore.

Business and the new normal in the post covid era

The coronavirus pandemic has created much more than a global health emergency. COVID-19 has forced important changes in the daily lives of individuals and companies worldwide. Many industries stopped their production lines, stores have closed their doors, and companies had to adapt their ways of working. Many people needed to relearn how to organize their routines.

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