What our alumni's says !!
Luv Bagga

Team Internware this is not just a phrase, for me it is something which has taught me n number of lessons, It has been a roller coaster ride for I believe all of us here. I don't think anyone was sure of how this will come out, everyone had doubts but saurav and ashf were adamant enough that they wanted to give their heart and soul to this idea and here we are! {clapps}. all of us here have done our level best and have given our best possible efforts to this. now when I think of it, I realise that not only have I worked for this but it was really a two way process, the entire experience of internware has really helped me to grow as an individual. I obviously gained a lot of knowledge and corporate exposure but that was not it., after InternWare I really had my individual growth as well. When I came to this institute after my school, I never gave any presentation for my entire first year as I was very conscious about my stammering and more or less was even ashamed of it., but now after joining this team and working for it my fear of public speaking gradually went away, as for the team I used to have conversations with companies and I even spoke in front of 200 students. I became more and more confident for my speaking and did not let stammering bother me anymore and also started giving my classroom presentations regularly. so after all this time with InternWare I gained a lots of in field knowledge and exposure, and also came out as a much more confident person with the memories which will remain near to my heart forever and this team has given me some really close friends too.

Nishtha Chugh

Being part of such a strong cell, where you are constantly challenged & stimulated, has made me appreciate the importance of perseverance and resilience. For me Internware was a life changing platform which gave me not only the knowledge to empower myself but also the confidence to keep going and a set of good friends I will hold dear to me for a lifetime. I would like to encourage all the freshers to gain this wonderful experience. This is an opportunity for you to learn not just about the world around you but to learn about who you are and what you want to do in life. At times, it will be challenging. Some days, you may even wonder if you're on the right path. Regardless, make the most out of the experience. Embrace every opportunity for growth that comes your way and when you find something you're passionate about, persist. Most importantly, remember to have fun. I hope this new adventure is an opportunity for you to learn about yourself through taking part in new experiences. No matter what, you are always learning and growing, which better prepares you for tomorrow. Challenge yourself to take on something new and out of your comfort zone. Put yourself out

there, meet people, network and grow your soft skills. Good luck!
Tanya Kohli

Working with InternWare was a tremendous opportunity for me. Starting with educating the students about the benefits of internships to finding one for them, it was a journey of comprehensive development. The assigned faculty Dr. Mandeep Singh and the other authorities have helped me and my colleagues in achieving our dream of working for the welfare of students. They gave us an opportunity to work for what we aspired for and we proved ourselves by setting benchmarks by achieving all the goals that we chose. Finding internships outside seems hard for many but making a platform where everyone gets a fair opportunity was a dream. I hope that the happiness that I have felt within the society would be found by every member in the years to come and they'll gain a family and corporate experience all in one. I found my passion for Marketing and Sales after handling all the major responsibilities for Marketing Department within the society. I am currently pursuing that passion in completing my MBA within the same specialization and managing my business online. I am happy to say that I was able to achieve that dream along with my fellow members. Wishing nothing but success and love to the InternWare family.

Aman Jain

Internware is not only a cell, but a pathway that leads to ample opportunities which transforms you inside out. It brings the best out of you, and unlocks your inner potential to prepare you for a brighter future. As the vice president of InternWare, I was fortunate to experience a life beyond books, that teaches you the practicality of how the world works and helps you achieve a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. It provides you with various platforms to showcase your talent and be an example of excellence. Internware truly helped me know what being a leader and a learner means. I am thankful to the cell that I like to call my second home, and I am sure that it will continue to achieve many more milestones in the future as well.

Akansha Rana

InternWare has truly proved to be an important asset in my life, merely giving it a tag of a department or society will not do justice as it is a whole new experience. From increasing my skills, knowledge base to the know-how of things, IW has played a great role in it. The years that I've spent with the IW team was one of those best learning experiences in which I not only gained corporate exposure, but it greatly motivated me to achieve things that lack of knowledge held me back for.

Megha Joshi

Imagine a shy 18-year-old shy girl with big aspirations related to corporate but with a lack of skills, exposure, expertise, direction and motivation! This was exactly how I was in my first year. Now,after 3 years I have acquired all the skillset. And all the credit goes InternWare-The Internship cell of IITM. I began my journey as a member and bid audieu as a mentor and 2 years was my transformation phase. Organizing events taught me management, leading a team nurtured my leadership skills, being in a team I learnt about team unity, Interaction with fellow members helped me in gaining confidence and I got the idea of how exactly a corporate works. And how can I forget the wonderful mentors I got. They we're there always to guide and support us at each and every step and and lifted us up whenever we failed. This team works as One Big Family and we all encourage eachother to strive to do better. My life has turned upside down in these 2 years I don't think this would have been possible had I not joined InternWare.

Chirag Kalra

InternWare allowed me to get acquainted with the structure of the corporate world and well defined the politics in a working environment or even its standing glance in a team. It's much more than “just” a college society and plays its part perfectly via imbibing valued experience and practical exposure of many corporate domains onto the members.

Our Torchbearers

We introduce you to the GEMS of InternWare who have put their heart & soul into taking InternWare to new heights. We'll always be grateful to them.