Founders of Internware

InternWare aspires at manifesting the latent entrepreneurial spirit of young students. We at Internware host various workshops, speaker sessions, innovative quizzes, and competitions. We will support them by providing necessary resources such as mentorship, consultancy, networking, and support. InternWare was built by 6 friends. Yes, Six pillars of InternWare. Those minds are the epitome of InternWare. They structured this Society on 26th September 2017, That they all come with different ideas and concept, cheered one another and lifted them up higher, and placed them on the top

Now, This journey of serving students and events, we reached our 3rd year of continuous success.

... To celebrate our success and journey, we come with Our Anniversary Grand Event- Fest'o Ware. It truly holds a lot in store for every person connected to us ever! We're planning a lot of fun stuff to unwind al the amazing memories of the past years in this anniversary month. Fest'oWare comes with 4 different fun events. Events can be anything, which is beyond your thinking level.


Virtual Treasure Hunt
Virtual Treasure Hunt

26th September 2020

The best secrets are the most twisted ones. So keep a look out for the clues & stay blazed for the oncoming traffic heading your way.

Leadership Talk
First Episode of Leadership Talks

19th September 2020

Never underestimate the power of dreams and influence of human spirit. So we bring to you the opportunity to recast those dreams into realities by seeping in knowledge.

Speaker: Mr. Alok Tiwari, Country Head & Director of One.com

Gaming Nexus
Gaming Nexus

12th September 2020

Gaming Nexus, an online gaming event where your favourite games will come back to life from a competetive standpoint.


5th September 2020

Celebrate the Anniversary Month with our very First event which indulges you into the pit of trivia. Boost up through the various levels ranging from movies to GK.