InternWare – Internship Cell of Institute of Information Technology & Management (IITM), Janakpuri was formed by some bright students of IITM on September 26, 2017. The Cell was formed with a clean motive of assisting students to secure Internships in their preferred roles and areas so that students get relevant experience. InternWare hosts multiple events like Workshops, Competitions, Corporate Sessions, Industrial Visits etc. to keep students engaged and ready for the corporate journey ahead.

Our History

In the beginning, Mr. Ashfaque Waris (Founder) and Mr. Saurav Dam (Founder) – BBA students performed the functions of all departments as there weren’t any specific roles or departments. Later, our Co-founders Mr. Luv Bagga, Mr. Sarthak Kapoor, Ms. Nishtha Chugh, and Ms. Tanya Kohli joined in and gave all their best efforts for the team and took the Cell forward.

These 6 pillars cheered each other up when the others were feeling down and lifted them higher and placed them on the top. Five departments i.e. Corporate Relations, Business Development, Management, Technical and Qontent Media were formed and started functioning like a small corporate to give best exposure to all team members. Team members with best of abilities and matching skills were inducted in the team and the Cell kept growing.

Presently, the young team is of 65 members from all departments is taking the Cell forward under the guidance of teachers and mentors.


Internships help the student to apply all their theoretical knowledge practically with the guidance of seniors of the particular firm.


Workshops help in understanding the concepts of a particular topic with guidance from the experts of the particular field.


Industrial Visits give students a detailed insight of how the industry works. How each methods are put into practical use.


Competitions and more career related activities that will help students to have a better environment to develop their personalities.